The time has come for an alternative to high priced, traditional law firms for complex legal work.

The HELO Group is a network of Nashville, Tennessee lawyers who have associated to offer high quality, reasonably priced legal services. HELO is not a law firm or a partnership: it is an association of experienced lawyers who believe that it is possible to offer services not only on the basis of quality, the traditional and primary benchmark of law firms, but also efficiency and price. The standard of quality, efficiency and affordability— this is the shared commitment of the HELO Group.

Clients’ increasing demands for reasonably priced services in complex legal matters served as the driving principle behind the formation of HELO. By engaging a network of highly experienced lawyers, HELO reduces the number of lawyers required for the handling of larger, sophisticated transactions*. By pooling legal resources and experience, HELO lawyers provide unparalleled efficiency and value for services required for large engagements.

In addition, HELO provides an alternative to larger firms for other categories of legal work, such as for start-up companies and recurring real estate and financing transactions. The network of HELO lawyers provides the experience and expertise needed—without the substantial overhead of larger firms, regardless of the method by which fees are billed. HELO lawyers routinely work on a fixed fee basis and are comfortable in providing quotes for such arrangements.

The Bottom Line? Lawyers in the HELO Group are able to provide an alternative to high fees for complex legal matters.

*For engagements in which a relatively substantial number of lawyers is required, HELO lawyers may utilize the services of experienced lawyers and legal assistants provided by independent providers of legal personnel at a fraction of the cost of large firm associates and paralegals.

The Current Roster of Participating HELO Law Firms:

Aaron Sanders PLLC
Clark Business and Health Law
H. Wynne James PLLC
McKenzie Laird PLLC
Riggs Davie, PLC
Webb Sanders PLLC